Herzlich Willkommen beim Mayerhofer in Aldersbach  

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Our Sauna area invites you to relax

The sauna session in our modern sauna area is the culmination of an active day.

The sauna has a cleansing and strengthening effect at the same time.
At least as important, but is also the fact that they can relax in the sauna really. Our sauna is public and located on the ground floor of our house.


• Our biosauna is a very gentle and gentle variant of the sauna.
It differs essentially in terms of temperature and humidity from the conventional sauna.
In the biosauna temperate temperatures of about 60 ° C and a relative humidity of about 50% prevail.
Due to the moderate conditions, the stay in the biosauna can take up to 30 minutes. Infusions and light therapy complement the regeneration program. Heart and circulation are relieved by the reduced temperatures.


Steam bath:

• The steam bath is one of the oldest wellness treatments. Already in ancient times people were fascinated by this application. A steam bath application loosens tight muscles, dilates the vessels and thus ensures a strong circulation of the skin.
In addition, there is a steam-saturated atmosphere of 40-55 ° C in our own steam room.


Finnish sauna:

• In the world's most popular sweat chamber, the temperature is between 85-95 ° C, the humidity is 10 to 30%. Through an infusion, this increases for a short time only briefly.